August 17th (Friday, 8pm C/6pm P)

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S4:E17 “A Very Good Year for Murder”
Originally aired February 28, 1988
When Seth’s estranged brother is murdered, Jessica must figure out if a cursed ruby from India is responsible for that.

S4:E18 “Benedict Arnold Slipped Here”
Originally aired March 13, 1988
The death of an eccentric shut-in brings the burden of executing her will to Jessica. How does the legend that Benedict Arnold once slept in the woman’s house and a possible “treasure” fit into the puzzle?

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July 31st (Sunday, 8pm C/6pm P)

Episodes being watched:

S2:E9 “Jessica Behind Bars”
Originally aired Dec. 1, 1985
Jessica visits a women’s prison and is held captive when an uprising occurs because of abuse and murder at the facility.

S2:E10 “Sticks and Stones”
Originally aired Dec. 15, 1985
Cabot Cove is flooded with poison pen letters which proves hard for the town to handle as Amos prepares to hand the reins over to a new sheriff.

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