August 18th (Friday, 8pm C/6pm P)

Print out some bingo cards and get these two episodes set-up:

S3:E16 “Death Takes a Dive”
Originally aired February 22, 1987
Jessica visits her old friend Harry McGraw (Jerry Orbach) in New York who has become wrangled in the high-stakes game of boxing.

S3:E17 “Simon Says, Color Me Dead”
Originally aired March 1,1987
Jessica investigates when an artist is murdered and his prized painting is missing.

>> We ended-up watching THREE episodes, because we were feeling it.

S3:E18 “No Laughing Murder”
Originally aired March 15,1987
Someone is found dead after the engagement party for the offspring of two estranged comics.

Participate in the madness by following our live tweets of the shows. Join in on the action by tagging your tweets and instagrams with #MurderSheDrank.

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