July 28th (Friday, 8pm C/6pm P)

Print out some bingo cards and get these two episodes set-up:

S3:E14 “Murder in a Minor Key”
Originally aired February 8,1987
Bookend episode*: Jessica tells the story of her new novel about a composer accused of killing the professor who’d plagiarized his music.

S3:E15 “The Bottom Line Is Murder”
Originally aired February 15,1987
A lying TV consumer advocate is killed and suspicion lands on one of the clients whose products he maligned.

Participate in the madness by following our live tweets of the shows. Join in on the action by tagging your tweets and instagrams with #MurderSheDrank.

* What is a “bookend episode”? That is when the main storyline does not feature Jessica Fletcher. The plots tends to be from JF’s books, with JF doing an intro and outro (hence, she bookends the story) with her doing narration over the majority of the episode. These types of episodes became more common in Season 6 in order to give Angela Lansbury a lighter workload. These “bookend” episodes are often noted as being responsible for Lansbury not leaving the show after 5 seasons (when her original contract was up).

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