MSW pulled from Netflix

Image from Murder, She Wore

Despite the petition, Netflix pulled Murder She Wrote from streaming. This is highly disappointing to us as we saw Murder She Drank as a free* way to get together with likeminded nerds for an evening. We tried brainstorming other ways of doing MSD without buying anything, but copyright laws are strict and although Saint Jessica has been in jail, we don’t want to get locked-up. So, we looked to the DVDs.

We will continue to live watch Murder She Wrote as we have done in the past, but while watching the episodes on DVD. With the rate we watch the episodes, we barely make it through a season a year. With each season of DVDs being between $13-$20, we think that isn’t too bad over a year. So, please continue to join us via DVD and Twitter as we drink, bingo, and make fun of poor outfit choices. Next #murdershedrank is Jan 20th, because we will need a safe space that day.

*Yes, you have to pay for internet service and a Netflix account, but you know what we mean.

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