Nov 18th (Friday, 8pm C/6pm P)

Episodes being watched:

S2:E18 “If a Body Meet a Body”
Originally aired March 9, 1986
What begins as a routine murder investigation leads the police to discover that a coffin contains the wrong body.

S2:E19 “Christopher Bundy — Died on Sunday”
Originally aired March 30, 1986
Jessica must find out the truth when the ruthless owner of a periodical is murdered.

We ended-up watching THREE episodes tonight so that we could finish season two next month.

S2:E20 “Menace, Anyone?”
Originally aired April 6, 1986
Jessica attends a tennis tournament as the guest of honor. She struggles to protect her former student Carol when her boyfriend is blown up in her car and she is the only suspect.

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2 thoughts on “Nov 18th (Friday, 8pm C/6pm P)

  1. This is my first time playing. Just to be clear so I don’t miss it, the game is played on a Friday or a Saturday? The post says November 19, but that’s a Saturday.


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